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Sample minimum rates for running specific cases before the common courts, stipulated by the Minister of Justice. The minimum rates are displayed in net amounts and do not include VAT at the rate of 23%.

The minimum rates apply when of the object of litigation amounts to:
1. up to PLN 500 - PLN 60;
2. from PLN 500 to 1,500 - PLN 180;
3. from PLN 1,500 to 5,000 - PLN 600;
4. from PLN 5,000 to 10,000 - PLN 1,200;
5. from PLN 10,000 to 50,000 - PLN 2,400;
6. from PLN 50,000 to 200,000 - PLN 3,600;
7. more than PLN 200,000 - PLN 7,200

The amount of the advocate's remuneration is settled individually every time. The basic system of settling the remuneration suggested by myself includes three fundamental models:
1. lump-sum remuneration - the fee amount is settled individually, taking into account the necessary amount of work incurred by the advocate or a legal advisor, the place of providing the service, and the degree of complexity of the case;
2. the hourly-pay system - the fee amount for an advocate or a legal advisor is settled on the basis of the time devoted to the carrying out of the given order and the settled hourly rate;
remuneration - used in the case of regular cooperation, remuneration fee settled in a legal-service agreement normally paid on a monthly basis;
4. the success-fee system - in some cases there can occur a success fee as an additional part of the remuneration.

The cost of legal advice given can vary depending on the case complexity, or the drawing up of a one-time pleading can amount to PLN 100-500 + VAT.

Regular legal services for entrepreneurs - the amount of fee depends on the scope and type of the client's needs - settled individually. Flat rate starting from PLN 700 + VAT a month.

In the case of receiving payment on a per-hour basis, one working hour starts from PLN 100 + VAT, depending on the case type.

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